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Aleksandar Petrovic, Serbia, born in Belgrade in 1982. Member of the kennel club Serbia, FCI. Kennel club Belgrade. President of Toy club, Podunavlje, in ST. Banouci, since the club start.
Speaking: English, Greek, Russian and Serbian
Owner of kennel, of Vilma Black Swan, specialised on poodles. But have also bred Shar-Pei. Got the kennel name 2009. In the moment proud owner of ten poodles and one English Cocker. Under my kennel I have bred many champion in both Poodles and Shar-Pei.
Love and passion with dogs started as child. 1990 I got my first dog a English cocker, who was called Kiki. After that I got a Golden Retriever and French Bouledogue.
Now I´m living in a small rustic village, Sakule close to Belgrade. Where I and my dogs are near the nature.
I love dogs and dog shows. I have travelled around a lot in different countries. Going to the world shows. It´s a big interest to see dogs all over the world. To be a judge is a part of my dog life. I am a new judge. I have been a national judge since 2015, and get my international judge status for group 9 start of 2017.
Passionately love for all dogs and of course specially for Poodles and French Bouledogue