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Resultat Gnesta 3/2 2013

BIS 1    Trollvikens Alva, dvärgpudel.   Ägare, Stefan Karlsson, Markaryd

BIS 2    Sandust Business Angel,  mellanpudel.  Ägare,  Svedberg Susanne, Johansson Christina, Nyköping

BIS 3    SEUCH Boshi’s A Huffish Trump Card, storpudel.  Ägare,  Sandell Charlotte & Fredrika Gudmunds  Dandemar, Huddinge

BIS 4    BG CH GE CH PH CH TR CH Djakartas Trick Or Treat, toypudel.  Ägare,  Eriksson Marie Charlotte, Sala

BIS 1 Valp   Smart Connection Rock’N’Roll,  mellanpudel.  Ägare,  Johansson Christina & Anneli Östh, Nyköping

BIS 2 Valp   Chip’N’Dale,  storpudel. Ägare,  Gifting Johanna, Grycksbo

BIS 3 Valp   Inkus Girl Power,  dvärgpudel. Ägare,  Kusting Inger, Sala

BIS 4  Valp  Ten-Sharp’s Gontjar,  toypudel.  Ägare, Katarina Ström O Lena Bäck Sandkvist, Onsala 

BIS 1  Veteran  INT UCH NORD UCH NORD V-07 SE V-06 Dandy-Lion’s Dining In Paris, storpudel.  Ägare,  Nandrup Sofia, Kungsör

BIS 2  Veteran  Chic Ode Of Fantasy, mellanpudel.  Ägare,  Aaltonen-Helminen Tarja, Tumba 

SAR BIS 1    BG CH GE CH PH CH TR CH Djakartas Trick Or Treat, röd toypudel. Ägare,  Eriksson Marie Charlotte, Sala

SAR BIS 2    DK UCH FI UCH SE UCH Evak’s Upsy-Daisy,  silver dvärgpudel.  Ägare,  Troéng Louise, Umeå

SAR BIS 3    My Sun’s Shining On Nellie , silver mellanpudel. Ägare, Osswald Aina, Tumba


Detta brev har kommit till oss från Pat & Peter Banks, domare i Gnesta.

We would like to thank the Officers and Committee of The Swedish Poodle Club for their kind invitation to Judge Poodles at their February Show.  The hospitality was second to none, and from the moment Tina  greeted us at the hotel on arrival the kindness and generousity was wonderful.  Our Stewards were fabulous and made everything easy and straightforward, they were Tina and Anna in Ring 1 and Erika and Ann in Ring 2. We were most impressed with the venue which was large and warm.  As we entered the venue we were greeted with an array of colours and all sizes – a delight to see.
Standards, Adult Minis and BPIS & BVIS
My Standards were a delight.  I loved them all.  All beautifully presented and most were well handled. 
My BOB was SWE CH Boshi’s A Huffish Trump Card. A gorgeous young black dog of enormous quality. I loved his head and expression.  All male and full of style and showmanship. Powered around the ring and covered the ground well. BIS3
My BOS was Dandy-Lion’s As you like it. And I just loved her.  Thoroughly feminine with beautiful expression and dark twinkling eye.  Full of breed type and quality.  She was close up in the challenge to the dog and I thought they complimented each other very well.  I predict a great future for her Good Luck !
BP Chip ‘N’ Dale A really beautiful Apricot with just about the longest foreface I have ever seen without being snipey.  Lovely eye and expression.  Super colour.  Just a baby yet thoroughly outgoing and confident.  Very sound and correct all through. BPIS2
BVIS was the simply gorgeous INT UCH NORD UCH Dandy-Lions Dining in Paris.  A true star of the day.  Every inch the Champion she is.  So very sound and correct.  Back in the ring after maternal duties and as it turned out her daughter was my BOS. She has such a beautiful head.  Kind yet full of fire and spirit.  She moved effortlessly around the ring.  What a sight she was – very very close up for the top honour. I hope she has many many more days in the ring Congratulations . It was my pleasure and absolute delight to judge this outstanding lady.
I must mention my two glorious whites who were a sight to behold in the challenge. The Dog Awesome Believe in Karma a truly stunning impressive male with simply the most divine expression. Very correct and full of style and showmanship.  The Bitch Avatar Melisande so very feminine . Soft kind expression with dark eye.Extremely well angulated and moved effortlessly around the ring.  Two really lovely whites.
Loved doing the Minis.  All showed well and of good type.  Particularly stood out for me were the browns and I was, also, particularly impressed with the silver Miniatures – there were several with simply beautiful heads – all of good size and showing really well – they were a credit to their owners. It’s a shame we don’t see more of this colour in the U.K.
BOS The Dog Nord JV – 11 Cachas Tip Loved this brown boy for his masculinity.  Stunning in head and expression.  Full of arrogance and self importance.  Absolutely knew the job inside out. To top this presentation and handling of the highest.  A dog of enormous quality and showmanship. I wish him well for the future.
BOB Sandust Business Angel  A beautiful  brown bitch from any angle.  Another with just a gorgeous feminine expression.  Full of style and again presentation of the highest.  Her super angles front and rear allowed so much freedom in front and behind and she covered enormous ground matching the dog stride for stride.  The image of these two fabulous Min Poodles powering around the ring will stay with me for a very long time. BIS2
BPIS The Brown Min Dog  Smart Connection Rock ‘N’ Roll Another brown Min making a trio of super brown’s.  This youngster showed so very well.  Lovely to handle with a super head and expression.  In good coat of lovely colour. Good Luck for the future.
Best Veteran Chic Ode of Fantasy. Such a pretty white Min of lovely type.  Nothing overdone.  For me her head was such a delight.  One of the kindest and most gentle expressions.  Willing and  active on the move just trying her very best to please handler and she did.  At 9 years plus still in excellent coat  I thought she really was a most lovely poodle.  Thank you for bringing her.
Pat Banks
Toys, Dwarfs & Miniature Puppies
BOB Toy BG CH GE CH PH CH TR CH Djakartas Trick or Treat Absolutely beautiful red male and I was interested to discover that his grand-sire Dan CH Solnes Peachcanei  has been campaigned extensively in the U.K. by Anita Bax and is a dog I have admired from the ring-side on numerous occasions. ‘Benjamin’ is an ultimate showman and it was a pleasure to make his acquaintance.
BOS Toy SE CH Notify Piselli Lovely white with pretty head and expression and well made throughout with good body and rib. Excellent pigmentation. Another U.K. connection as I see she is sired by a white dog of the Medici Kennel and whites from thiskennel have been highly placed by myself and wife in the past so it is not surprising she impressed me so much.
BP Toy Ten-Sharp’s Gonjar By co-incidence yet another U.K. connection as he is sired by a dog from the world famous Vanitonia kennel and is quality through and through – a very promising prospect.
BOB Dwarf Trollvikens Alva undoubtedly my ‘Star’ of the day and quite one of the best Poodles I have ever judged. She has the most glorious head, eye and expression that defied me to look elsewhere when it came to the placements. I do not think I have ever seen a Poodle with such style and showmanship on the move. This young lady has it all and many more titles surely await. Without hesitation I was pleased to be able to award her BIS in what was a stunning line up.
BOS Dwarf Pandorans Name of the Game
BP Dwarf and BPIS3 Inkus Girl Power
BP Miniature Smart Connection Rock ‘N’ Roll & BOS Puppy Ofhemil’s Lamborghina Pleasure to judge these two lovely puppies at the end of a long day. The brown dog had the edge on maturity and was much more settled on the move but the black bitch is hugely promising and quite one of the best constructed dogs I handled all day – once she settles to the job in hand  will be a force to be reckoned with.
BIS1 – Dwarf    BIS2 – Miniature   BIS3 – Standard   BIS4 – Toy
Peter Banks
In closing we must offer a sincere thank you to Carol Edholm and Sofia Nadrup neither of whom had we met before today for their hospitality after the show. A nice dinner talking ‘Poodles’ was a lovely way to end our all too brief stay in Sweden. We both very much hope that we will be invited again sometime in the future when we can meet again so many lovely Poodles and friendly owners. Thank you everyone for making our visit so enjoyable.
 Pat & Peter.